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Why citizens allow capitalism to destroy them?

By admin - Posted on 10 August 2015

So? The BIG question is “why do citizens of democratic nations allow their destruction by Capitalism to happen?” For me, the answer is clear.

Human life forms have been “bred” by evolution for millions of years to address individual and clan survivability. Before massive industrialization, for most people, the complexity of life didn’t extend beyond farming, horse power, horse transportation and verbal communication. ALL the complexity of modern life has exploded in the last 200 years. Evolutionary changes to the human brain during that short time have been essentially zero. Modern humans still have “stone age” brains!

For most people, intuitively comprehending how to optimize their welfare in a large complex system is IMPOSSIBLE! Let me emphasize that. For most people,
the human brain is not able to comprehend optimal behaviors for high tech
complex systems. Along come the “experts” and “prophets” presenting supposed
“solutions” in the form of complex academic labels like “conscious capitalism,
or “free markets”, or “entrepreneurship”. Most people have ZERO ability to internalize and visualize the systems the labels are talking about. That means they have zero ability to logically determine an optimum connection between their basic needs – air, water, shelter, food, clan security etc. – and their controllable
behaviors – walking, manipulating objects, talking, etc.. They respond by instinct and superstition. The result, for most people from insane street dwellers to billionaires, is greed and HOARDING in the best way they know how. They will adopt “fight” or “flight” options for self preservation.

What does this analysis tell us? It says, if any person or group out there has the ability to envision complex systems, there is something you can do to help. First, get access to system analysis tools and model large parts of the world. Use the system tools to determine what interaction of complex elements will reach the “desired results” people commonly seek as a “sustainable good life”. And THEN, faithfully translate the system details into VISUAL terms so EACH person can see and understand what is needed by society and what it delivers to EACH of them personally. If this is done, I think most people will make remarkably good decisions.