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Eliminating violence in society

By Nanook - Posted on 14 November 2010

[Nanook is talking to Ben.]

Crime and violence

"So, what about crime. How are we going to address that?”

& "Do you remember I said earlier that today, in the U.S., the South has the highest murder rate, and that the regions with more murder tend to vote conservative and claim to be more religious.”

"Yeah? So?”

& "The point is, we understand the reasons for crime. We’ve talked about them in bits and pieces all through our discussion. It’s NOT about the criminals. It’s about the social conditions they are born into. These citizens are not getting equal opportunity. The same boldfaced lying mentality that defended slavery after the Constitution was written, in the face of the words in our founding documents which said ‘all men are created equal’, is the cause of crime today.”

"You’re saying, we’re back to false pride, greed and corruption in our business and political leaders.”

& "Bingo!”

The Multiple Religions problem

"So, just assuming for argument’s sake, that one of them [the thousands of religions in the world] is telling the truth, that means many of the others must be following a number of delusions. When religious people say they see visions of supernatural beings, whether they are gods or angels or whatever, the experiences are indistinguishable from hallucinations. And when the foundation documents of the religions describe a world that is radically different from the world we can go out and repeatedly observe and measure, we can easily conclude that they are unable to evaluate reality in an objective manner.”

"I follow your points. The implication is that most religious people are mentally ill, right?"

"Let’s state this in a more diplomatic way. Based on this analysis, logically, most religions must be false. It is also difficult to tell the difference between people with strong religious beliefs and people with medically defined psychoses. It is up to the leaders in government to face up to this reality and deal with it in a logical manner.”