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A2 Psychology

By Nanook - Posted on 20 October 2010

This section uses dialog directly from the teaching version of Scout to the Pole, chapter 18, 14 and 23. " ** " before a heading means that heading is also shown in the novel. Nanook is talking with George. Nanook is italic type.

Scout to the Pole presents a number of new concepts related to psychology, based on a new concept for the structure of the human brain. The discussion in this section has been subdivided into the following parts:

o   Fear - the primary driver of behavior Fear

o   A functional explanation for the inability of individuals in society to find happiness in a world of ever growing technical and social achievement. Chronic Disappointment

o   A major recasting of the medical basis for cognitive psychoses. Cognitive Psychosis

o   Needed redirection for cognitive treatment. Cognitive Therapy

o   A new protocol for Narcissistic injury. Narcissistic Trauma Syndrome