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This section of the web site summarizes the principles behind the A3 Society as outlined in the books LIARS! Vol. 1: Scout to the Pole and LIARS! Vol. 2 Escape to Insanity by Bruce Nappi. Consider this section as an index to the key topics in the books. Each principle links to a follow-on section where the principle is further expanded. Initially, the sections will contain relevant dialog directly from the book. This will be the basis for blog discussions. Over time, the dialog will be summarized and expanded in response to input from others.

The books present:

Functions of the human brain

1. A new theory that two separate species of human actually coexist on earth today. It describes and quantifies two distinct forms of intelligence that distinguish each species, and describes the resulting conflict this brings into society. A New Human Species
2. A new theory of human brain organization. It revitalizes the work of Sigmund Freud unifying it with the work of Abraham Maslow. Brain Theory
3. A logical and physiological basis for the well known three brain structures hinted at by Freud (Id, Ego and Superego) which he never actually defined. Brain Theory
4. A principle for clearly discriminating human intelligence from animal intelligence. A New Human Species
5. A new theory for human consciousness that finally explains what it is and how it works. A New Human Species
6. A major change in the theory of human language describing huge shortcomings it casts on human social structures. A New Theory of Language

Application of the new brain theory to psychology

7. A functional explanation for the inability of individuals in society to find happiness in a world of ever growing technical and social achievement. A2 Psychology
8. A major recasting of the medical basis for cognitive psychoses and needed redirection for its treatment. A2 Psychology

Philosophical discoveries

9. A resolution of the question of philosophical absolutes with practical examples. Philosophy of Absolutes
10. Functional explanations for the problems of freewill, the “arrow of time” and “cause and effect”. Philosophy of Freewill

Major religious questions

11. Both philosophical and scientific proofs for the NON-existence of God. ( Yes! You can prove a negative. ) Naturalism
12. Philosophical and scientific proofs for the NON-existence of any supernatural beings. Naturalism
13. Philosophical and scientific facts that DISPROVE the inerrancy of the Bible and other religious books. Religious Truth
14. A new theory of morality totally based on non-supernatural social foundations. Morality
15. New socially based moral guidelines to replace the 10 commandments. Morality
16. An explanation of the fundamental source of corruption in society. It’s NOT the devil. Morality
17. An explanation that resolves the conflict between science and religion. Religious Truth
18. An approach to ending religious violence. Religious Truth

Major social issues

19. An explanation for why the great societies in history fell. Why the U.S. will fall and cannot prevent falling. The Seven Deadly Sins
20. An explanation for the failures of authoritarianism, socialism AND CAPITALISM and a description of a new sustainable social structure to replace all of them. Democracy
21. An explanation for the necessary failure of the nuclear family and discussion of new family structures. The Family
22. An explanation for the collapse of fraternal social organizations and extended families with solutions. The Family
23. A review of world population and basis for a needed reduction to 2 billion, in contrast to existing ideas. World Sustainability
24. Why the “leaders” of society are the primary factor holding society back from major advances. Corruption
25. How modern society is brainwashed by pervasive LIES from the major social institutions. Denial
26. An explanation for the failure of the modern institutions of Law, Finance and Medicine with solutions. Corruption
27. A new theory of competition. Democracy
28. A major restructuring of politics and leadership. Democracy
29. A new structure for government. New Government Structure
30. A fundamentally new approach to the structures of business and education in society. Democracy
31. An approach to eliminate violence in society. Religious Truth
32. A practical cure for poverty in the world. Democracy

Major scientific discoveries

33. A major revision to the theory of evolution which still supports the Darwinian structure. Evolution
34. A new theory of physics that corrects Einstein’s theories and provides a new basis for grand unification. Lattice Theory
35. New theories for light and mass based on Einstein’s incomplete research which explain how mass is created and transforms with energy. Lattice Theory
36. A fundamental, tangible, simple explanation for “force at a distance” in physics. Lattice Theory
37. A new theory of Black Holes. Lattice Theory
38. A new theory for the beginning of the universe, which supports Big Bang observations but rejects the theory. Lattice Theory

Major engineering breakthroughs

39. A description of a new computer memory architecture that can speed up computers by a thousand times. Computer Consciousness
40. A prescription for how to program computers to give them the equivalent of human consciousness. Computer Consciousness
41. An answer for the fear that robots will rule earth in the future. They won’t. But humans won’t either. Evolution