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Press Releases

7/20/15 Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity Misunderstood
7/12/15 Space Lattice Theory a Grand Unification of Physics
1/7/12 Occupy US Constitution Launched By A3 Society
10/15/11 Occupy Wall Street Supported by the A3 Society
9/29/11 The Marriage Trap And Changing Roles For Women
9/18/11 New Democracy Beyond Capitalism For Post Collapse World
9/11/11 Darwinian Evolution Revised for Human Society AND Machines
9/4/11 Darwin Freud Einstein Rand Maslow 21st Century Dream Team
8/27/11 40th Anniversary of Warning to Planet Earth
4/3/11 New Brain Structure Explains Willful Blindness In Humans And Why Red Flags Go Unnoticed
4/3/11 New Social Structure To Guide Society In Post Apocalypse / Collapse World
3/27/11 Protecting Civilians In War Is A New Concept Driven By Bleeding Heart Paranoia
3/27/11 New Physiological Basis for Sigmund Freud's Id, Ego and Superego Described
3/20/11 Do You Fear That Robots Will Rule Future Earth? They Won’t. But Humans Won’t Either!
3/13/11 Explorer Scouts On North Pole Expedition Face Death, High Adventure And Attack By Eskimo Spirits
3/7/11 New High Speed Train 100 Times Faster Than Any Now In Use Described
2/26/11 prlog: Egypt, Libya and Ireland should not copy U.S. Democracy

News media commentaries and blog replies
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7/11/15 Jeb Bush Fact Check: Is Declining Worker Productivity to Blame for America’s Economic Rut?
7/4/15 Hobby Lobby Reiterates its Bigotry: For Political Leadership, Only Christians Need Apply
6/23/15 What Brought the Green Party and the Libertarian Party Together? This Wall Street Tycoon’s Lawsuit…
6/11/15 Dennis Hastert On Sexual Orientation In Public And In Private
6/2/15 Lindsey Graham’s Top Military Strategy: Forget History
5/22/15 U.S. House Passes Bill Allowing Negligence In Commercial Space Travel
4/7/15 Water Conservation At A California Hotel
12/6/14 Pastor Calvin V. French Delivers Political Speech In The US Senate Advocating Theocracy
11/25/14 While Vicky Hartzler Fiddles, the Globe Burns: October 2014 was Hottest on Record
11/25/14 Irregular Math Gets Queasy
11/21/14 As WalMart Refuses a Livable Wage, 11/28 Black Friday Protests Loom
11/3/14 Conservative Calls For Climatologists To Be Rounded Up And Shot In Order To Stop Scientific Reports On Climate Change
10/28/14 “Religious Beliefs Aren’t Reasonable!” — Justice Antonin Scalia, October 7 2014
10/27/14 Another Kind Of Marriage Equality
10/5/14 Was I a Troll Boy?
10/5/14 What Justice Antonin Scalia Doesn’t Understand About Freedom Of Religion
10/2/14 The Economies Of Wars And Walkers
9/14/14 The Created Creator And The Illusion Of Our Battles
9/13/14 Thanks For This Terrible World, You Loving God, Says Chaplain Patrick Conroy
8/22/14 Barack Obama Uses Occasion Of Religiously-Inspired Killing To Deny That Violence Has Anything To Do With Religion
8/19/14 Holy Water Ethics
8/11/14 Dear Atheist, Why Do You Care if I pray to God? The Answer
8/7/14 What Are The American Values That The Campaign For American Values Supports?
3/23/14 Is There Another Species Of Humans – Homo capensis – Enslaving Us All?
1/29/14 Michael Grimm, What Do You Do With Boys?
12/31/13 Earth Is A Hot Young Thing To Many Republicans
2/12/11 The Economist: Egypt's euphoria
2/10/11 NPR: A Lack Of Rigor Leaves Students 'Adrift' In College (second comment)
2/09/11 NPR: A Lack Of Rigor Leaves Students 'Adrift' In College
1/30/11 National Post: Lawrence Solomon - China’s coming fall
1/20/11 NPR: New Jobless Claims Drop. Will Hiring Follow?
1/20/11 NPR: Geoff Nunberg - How Traumatic Events Change Our View Of Language
1/17/11 NPR: All Things Considered - What Will It Take To Rewrite The U.S. Tax Code?
1/17/11 The Economist - Democracy in America - A nation of fearless, bumbling morons
1/15/11 NPR: Planet Money - Banks Repossessed A Million Homes Last Year
1/15/11 NPR: Ranking Cute Animals: A Stock Market Experiment
1/14/11 NPR: U.S. Home Foreclosures May Top 100,000 In January
1/11/11 NPR: The Singularity - Humanity's Last Invention

Radio / TV Interviews
1/31/11 Larry Shiller, Unconventional Wisdom

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