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Sustainability Information Resources

Sites of particular interest to world sustainability and major problems society is now facing:

Threats to Sustainability – videos and major reports

General References
World land mass index
DemocracyNOW! News network
Professor Joseph Siry’s Environment Links Page

Climate Change
NASA interactive comparison of now vs. before
Recent earth heating is NOT normal variation
Largest Glacier Break off on record – Greenland 2017
Yale 2016 Opinion Maps
Large collection of climate discussion
Watts Up With That - References
Video graphic of global temperature rise
12 yr. old Severn Cullis-Suzuki at Rio Summit 1992
World Scientists' Warning to Humanity - November 1992 - Union of Concerned Scientist version
World Scientists' Warning to Humanity - November 1992 - Text
Maps for environmental factors
Green World Rising – 4 videos – Leonardo DiCaprio
Scientific Consensus for Maintaining Humanity’s Life Support Systems in the 21st Century
Major resource about the “Sixth Extinction” – i.e. the human caused one we are in
World Scientists' Warning to Humanity - November 1992 - David Suzuki Video
Bill McKibben 350 PPM CO2: Earth's Tipping Point?
Chief Oren Lyons speaks about Climate Change
The National Academies series on America's Climate Choices - 20 videos
Carl Sagan’s little blue dot story

Climate Change – UN Reports
UN Environmental Program 2016 Regional UpdatesUN Paris Agreement on Climate Change Dec. 2015
U.N. Report on Global Sustainability January 30, 2012
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Reports

Ecological Footprint
Ecological Footprint Standards for 2009
Global Human Footprint Data
Living Planet Report 2012

Extreme inequality – Oxfam 2016The Earth Charter
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Economic charts and graphs - Calculated Risk Blog
Inability of the future to match the invention explosion of 1870-1970 – Robert Gordon
Why Degrowth? – William Rees
World Economic Forum Global Risks 2013
The Collapse of America
Robert Kennedy – GOP doesn’t measure what we value
Bill McKibben - Downsides to Economic Growth
CASSE - Ecological Limits to Economic Growth
Who Killed Economic Growth - Post Carbon Institute
What a Way to Go – life at the end of an Empire
The End of Economic Growth - Heinberg - Post Carbon Institute
Russel Ackoff - the need for system thinking in problem solving

Economics - Limits to Growth – Book information and followup
U. Melbourne 2014 update Limits to Growth report
U. Melbourne 2014 update for Limits to Growth – Guardian article
Limits to Growth - online
Limits to Growth – library book
Limits to Growth – overview 7 min.
Too late for sustainable development – Meadows at the Smithsonian
Final Warning - History of the Club of Rome effort – 42 min.
Dennis Meadows Limits to Growth pt. 1
Dennis Meadows Limits to Growth pt. 2
Dennis Meadows Limits to Growth pt. 3
Dr. Nate Hagens – Core principles – 90 min
Limits to Growth predictions borne out, U. Melbourne study
Jorgen Randers Interview for his book ‘2052’ – a sobering view on A2 human psychology
Scientific American article on the concept of Limits To Growth

Exponential Growth
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 1
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 2
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 3
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 4
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 5
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 6
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 7
Albert Bartlett The impact of exponential growth pt. 8

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger - Wigington
Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014

Oil - Energy
The Energy Bulletin, a collection of information on the peak in global energy supply

Peak Oil - The Post Carbon Institute
Jay Hanson Peak Oil pt. 1
Jay Hanson Peak Oil pt. 2
Jay Hanson Peak Oil pt. 3
Jay Hanson Peak Oil pt. 4

The Days After Peak Oil – Walking the Walk
The role of oil and the U.S. $ in the middle east conflict

Threats to Sustainability

The Environment – Climate Change
Desdemona Despair site
US National Snow & Ice Data Center
NOAA temperature records through Nov. 2015
2020 biodiversity target commitments will be missed
Americans lag world acknowledging climate change
Review of Climate Denier Information
List of world weather records
Wyoming mountains snow free, first time in history
Global Change Master Directory
97% scientific agreement on human caused climate change
World Meteorological Organization Climate Summary 2012
U.S. 2014 Freeze and Global Warming
85% thinner Arctic ice – Sci. Am. 2015

Carbon Sequestration
Biochar vs. Compost – Treehugger video

U.S. Cities that economically exclude working class citizens

Food is a major key to sustainabilityUN Food report May 2015
Wiki Food Security Information Article
Collapse of the Atlantic northwest cod fishery
A link between food prices and social unrest
Corruption of the FDA
Scientific American Discussion
Bill McKibben’s Rolling Stone Article
Global Agriculture Projection – Science 2.0 2014

Global Warming - CO2 / Methane - Confirmation
Short history of Greenhouse gas emissions law in the U.S. (Thanks to Beth at Techedlab for this reference)
U.S. Methane Leaks
How Atmospheric Warming Works - American Chemical Society
Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center
Explanation for CO2 lag in Al Gore’s presentation
Index and web access to U.N. resolutions
Methane bubbles in the Arctic
Scripps CO2 update
Greenhouse Energy Budget
Vostok Pedit data plots
CO2 concentration dynamics in the atmosphere
Co2 / Global Warming Link Found
The Carbon Capture Report
Koch-Funded Study Finds Global Warming Real, Due To CO2
Ronald Prinn Odds Much Worse Study
Methane contribution of western animal diets - McWilliams
Providing All Global Energy with Wind, Water, and Solar Power – UC Davis

Global Warming - CO2 / Methane - Denial
Summary of CO2 disbelief in 2011
Update on Easterbrook projections 2014
Critique of Easterbrook presentation 2012
Don Easterbrook disputes NOAA claims 2011

Failing bridges 2013
Transportation for America Maps and Tools

Paris Tech review of mineral resource supply - 2013
Europe sounds the alarm on mineral shortage - 2010
Chart showing abundance of all elements in the earth’s crust

Nuclear Power
Energy Returned on Energy Invested for Nuclear Power - Hanson

Ocean Destruction
Ocean parameters pushed beyond limits not seen in 300 million years
International Programme on the State of the Ocean

Peak Oil – New economic science Inst for Policy R&D
Thomas Homer-Dixon Newsletter on Peak Oil
Long list of websites that address Peak Oil and Resource Depletion - Anatoly Karlin
Misleading government methods used to over estimate oil availability
Does the U.S. really have more oil than Saudi Arabia
Jay Hanson Audio Interview on the Reality Report with Jason Bradford
Dalai Lama & Nobel Laureates letter to stop Keystone XL pipeline
Obama Fast Tracks Keystone XL South

Survey of attitudes about reducing family size
U.S. population graph
U.S. Immigration map - interactive
Excellent Zero Growth resource, Ken Meyercord, Founder
The Role of Population Limitation in Sustainability
Population Reference Bureau
U.N. projection of 9.6B population by 2100

Renewable Energy
China tries floating solar power
Alice Friedemann’s critical review of Stanford’s Jacobson and Delucchi all electric U.S. by 2050
Ted Trainer’s critical review of Stanford’s Jacobson and Delucchi all electric U.S. by 2050
Not enough wind, solar, geothermal to replace fossil and nuclear power in the 11 western states of the WECC
John Morgan - ROI for different power sources

Sea Level Rise
Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Nearing ‘Tipping Point’
Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier – 2014 update

Institute of Transportation Studies – UC Davis

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock
Summary of killing in modern society

Flint Michigan Success in Legal Battle 2017
California one year water remaining warning after unexpected spring rains 2016
California one year water remaining warning 2015
Water table dropping around the world
Water conditions for agriculture in California
USGS Groundwater Availability of the California Central Valley Aquifer
U.S. west without water - past droughts
Pumping California Aquifers is causing land subsidence
U.S. Drought Monitor – U. Nebraska at Lincoln
NOAA Drought Prediction Center
U.S. Drought Portal
The Water Footprint – water resource data
Garden hose ban in the UK due to drought
Drought in California
California Snowpack 2014 vs. 2013

World wildlife populations halved in 40 years

Failed American plan to cut forests to control climate
Article abstract with world tree history data
One person needs 1 acre of trees to balance CO2 output
How many trees needed to generate O2 for a single person
The role of wood in world history
Deforestation – Wikipedia Report
Rate of deforestation

Sustainability Programs

Sustainability Models

Summary of Jorgen Randers book 2052
Review of Rander’s 2052 book by M Marien for the Club of Rome
Plenitude Economy model - video
Lester Brown – Fritjof Capra model
The G1000 Manifesto

Sustainability Projects
Home Water Conservation {Special thanks to Jessica & Miss Seebeck for sending this link}
Collapse of the First Global Civilization - Nappi
UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change Dec. 2015
The LEAP Manifesto
Video about communities experimenting with 'Life after growth'
Website offering ideas to build post collapse communities
The Big Society – David Cameron – U.K.
The Commons Abundance Network

Kenneth Larson's pictorial world overview perspective
Ultra High Speed, Low Energy Trains
Evacuated Tube Trains, Daryl Oster Patent 5,950,543
Japanese High Speed Train Development
China High Speed Trains
Removal of Elwha River dams
Earth Charter Events overview
Earth Charter Videos
People surviving on trash - video

Sustainability Organizations
Al Gore's Moving Planet Effort
Website to Explore New Forms of Democracy
The Democracy Imperative

Conservation for kids
Tips for conserving water – thanks to Dakota for this lead
Tips for conserving water #2 – thanks to Dakota for this lead

Climate Change Games
NASA Climate Kids
19 Climate Games from Climate Interactive
Earth Primer
The Habitable Planet
UCAR Center for Science Education
BBC Climate Challenge
Climate Change Live
Climate Institute
Climate Centre
Union of Concerned Scientists


Business Greed
Planned Obsolescence - industry conspiracy limiting product life to force increased sales
Video about the government bail out of the banks - mortgage foreclosures
Wall Street Journal March 22, 2011, Paul Farrel New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP
Half of US Mortgages Effectively Underwater - CNBC
How the Money System Allows Elite Bank and Corporate Executives To Rule The World
85 people own the same amount as 50% of global population
Automated generation of fake academic papers

Collapse of Society
Collapse of the First Global Civilization
Large summary of facts about the coming collapse
A broad collection of topics, with some about social collapse

Cultural Evolution
David Loye on cultural evolution

Democracy - Principles

Innovations in Democracy
State-by-state solution to fix the U.S. electoral college problem
DebatePedia – A debate format to collect ideas on issues
The Concord Principles - Ralph Nader 1992
Roadmap to a New Economics – Riane Eisler
The Demosophia Paradigm – A3 cooperation
Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgment – Tom Atlee
Ayn Rand on Altruism

Democracy – Problems
Democracy Barometer
The public’s trust of government in the U.S.
Lobbying – inside look – Jack Abramoff
Accurate Democracy – voting problems and solutions

UNESCO 2017 Obstacles for Education That Society Is Not Yet Aware Of - Nappi
Charter School Review 2015
Charter School Review 2015 – source data
The failure of modern education
Clash of Modern Technology with Assembly-line Education
How to Fix Math Education - NYT
Relevance of Math Education
Math or Quantitative Literacy?
Being Left-brain in a Right-brain World

The STEM Myth
STEM crisis myth – educational biocapital
STEM Myth – Chronicle of Higher Education
Myth of STEM – the Atlantic
Congressional Testimony – Ron Hira
STEM: Still No Shortage – Freddie deBoer
President Obama! There is no engineering shortage – Vivek Wadhwa, Duke U.

Human psychology

The Moral Matrix – Jonathan Heidt
The shortcomings of personal CHOICE
Human fears are not driven by rational thinking

Civilian Labor Force History for ages 25 to 54 years
Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate History
2011 Labor Crisis
Dropping Labor Participation Rates
Various labor rate categories tracked
U.S. labor participation rate collapse after 2000 crash – interactive chart

Medicine is Broken

Medicine is fractionated – Maureen Bisognano
Revolutionizing 21st century-medicine
U.S. Health in Perspective – National Academies Interactive data base
Mentally ill treated as criminals – The Economist

Occupy Wall Street
Shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy
Survey of Occupy Demands 11/11/11
Occupy Wall Street Demand List from 9/28/11
Cops arrest Citibank customers attempting to close accounts
Florida's Alan Grayson stands up for the Occupy Movement on the Bill Maher show
Elizabeth Warren about Wall Street Greed
Robert Reich on the American Dream
Robert Reich in San Francisco
Robert Reich - The REAL Public Nuisance
Push for 28th Amendment to Limit Corporations
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker interrupted by Mic Check Protest
Harvard Economic Students Walk Out of Class Claiming Failed Theories
How Wall Street Blocked Criminal Action Against Itself - William K Black
What Are The 99% Asking Us To Do?
How the Money System Allows Elite Bank and Corporate Executives To Rule The World (also in Cases of Business Greed above )
Steve Jobs Did Not Create Jobs By Inventing the iPhone
Rich People Do Not Create Jobs
Constitution Amendment Idea collection website Video - What it's like to live on $7 an hour
Mortality toll of not having health insurance

What administration built up U.S. Debt
Political elites and the media dominate public opinion – academic paper

Reginald Cahill, on Roland De Witte's experimental confirmation of the aether
Conrad Ranzan, summary of cover ups of positive proof of the aether
Multiple Flaws in the Theory of Relativity

Social Conflict
Timeline of WarConservative vs. Liberal Beliefs
U.S. Union Growing More Unstable – California 6 State Split
Big money using professionals to disrupt discussions in social media
Article – Political Discourse Theory - Boehm
Global Warming and the Syrian War
UN Report on Torture in the U.S.

Society in general
World statistics displayed in interactive graphic format.
Humanitarian Early Warning System – World Hazard Map
Center for the New American Dream
Global Database of Events
UIA Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential
UN Report on Torture in the U.S.
The Skeptical Inquirer, Michael Shermer
Scott Ewen's large video collection of world wide problems
Ayn Rand Mike Wallace interview – Pt.1
Ayn Rand Mike Wallace interview – Pt.2
Ayn Rand Mike Wallace interview – Pt.3
How Scientific Information Flows Through the Media
Real Time World Statistics
Creation “Science” Debunked