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The Family

By Nanook - Posted on 12 July 2011

Scout to the Pole and Escape to Insanity present the concepts that the human race currently consists of two distinct species and the population of the world is approaching collapse due to exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet. This section of the website explores concepts behind this theory related to human families. The discussion has been subdivided into the following parts:

o   A discussion of the institution of marriage and the many false beliefs our society holds about it. The Marriage Trap

o   An explanation for the necessary failure of the nuclear family. Failure of the Nuclear Family

o   A discussion of new family structures that support sustainable models with greatly extended human life spans. New family Structures

o   An explanation for the collapse of fraternal social organizations and extended families with solutions. Collapse of Fraternal Social Organizations

o   A look into the true motives behind the current conservative viewpoint related to families. Conservative Viewpoint of the Family