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Failure of the Nuclear Family

By admin - Posted on 12 July 2011

[Nanook is talking with %George and +Father Vincent]

Number Six: Thou shalt not commit adultery. I think we have another big issue here.”

%"We sure do. Because society has bent the application of this commandment all around the flag pole to control every form of interpersonal physical interaction done for emotional closeness.”

+"That’s true. Using the slippery slope excuse, even kissing is continuously attacked by the Church under this commandment in various circumstances. So, the commandment fails for being vague. Or, if we are to accept it as the ‘Word’ of God, then 90% of the moral restrictions that are preached under it get thrown out.”

"So, how can you summarize how future societies should deal with this commandment?”

%"The primary concern should be the appropriate introduction of sexual issues to kids and the protection of choice by adults. By that I mean, sex education should be part of all educational models right from the beginning. And adult choice should be protected by zoning. That is, sexual activity and nudity should be given adequate space based on the number of people involved. Orient Bay in St. Maarten is a good example. As you walk down the beach from the main parking area, you just come to a sign that says, ‘topless allowed beyond this sign’. If you keep walking, you come to another sign that says, ‘nude allowed beyond this sign’. That’s it. It’s not like they have to have fences or guards.”

+"I think what George is saying is that the primary concern here is to let people do what they want. To restrict any activity that people want to do, the government would have to show clear material proof of harm. It can’t just be one religion’s viewpoint restricting everyone else. HOWEVER, to address fairness, all viewpoints need to be given some consideration. This is the zoning point. There should be zones in a city, for example, where clothing and ‘adult’ activities are controlled. This might be streets and sidewalks, for example. Or concerts, football games etc.

But I think this commandment was originally aimed at the issue of MARRIAGE, because that’s how the term adultery is defined. And with the pressure on society for single child families, or no child families, I think other forms of basic social units need to be addressed. I think the definition of the family has to radically change. In short, I think government has to get out of the marriage game. The word MARRIAGE should be strictly deeded back to the religions. Let them do whatever they want with it. Every religion can have it’s own rules. The role of the government will be to set up CIVIL UNIONS. Secular society should not attempt to duplicate the mystical elements of the marriage word. And the element of sexual conduct should not be part of those rules.”