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The A3 Society was founded in 2010 by Bruce Nappi to gather and coordinate the efforts of an international community of like-minded people to explore new social structures based on the principles outlined in his books LIARS! Vol. 1: Scout to the Pole, and LIARS! Vol. 2: Escape to Insanity. This website extracts sections from the books which attempt to describe the basic foundation for new social structures in the world. The website will expand the principles developed in those sections as appropriate new information is collected.

The website is a living document. The vision for a new social structure needs a lot of expansion to touch on all the complexity we find in the world. This expansion will be the work of many people who offer to join the effort.

What is the basis for membership? In short, having read key parts of the book and agreeing with the A3 principles. The term A3 stands for Awareness Level 3, which is a new human brain concept presented and described in the books.

If you have already read those key parts, you may be asking, don't I have to have an A3 brain to be a member? The answer is no. You just need to understand and support the need for cooperation in our world.

Human society is primarily made up of A2s. The A2s of this world provide the bulk of the effort to make things happen. The great social and material leaps forward in history came about when A2s and A3s worked together. Human survival into the future will depend on this happening again, because human evolution will not drastically alter the ratio of A3s in the world quickly enough to prevent a collapse of the human race. And, there is no reason a beautiful, functional world can't be built with A2 effort. The Greeks showed that 2000 years ago. The world just needs a more workable roadmap.

So, if you're interested, what are the next steps? What can you do?

1. Join up on the blog site.
2. Tell your friends to buy and and read the books. Send us a donation to support the effort.
3. Re-read chapters 34 - 36 in Vol. 2. Try to understand how the principles described there fit together as a strong system. Develop an intuitive understanding of that harmony as well as the individual principles.
4. Dive into a project. Propose a topic. There are plenty to choose from.

Then, contribute to building the new world through the blog: AND, make a donation to the A3 Research Institute if you can.

Welcome! Please join us and walk with us down a new road to build a new world.