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The Seven Deadly Sins

By Nanook - Posted on 20 October 2010

LIARS! Volumes 1and 2 present the concept that the Christian 10 Commandments are not a good foundation to understand the faults of human nature. As an inadequate foundation, they also fail to provide practical guidance to help society succeed in the face of our human nature. As an alternative, LIARS proposes that what we know as the Seven Deadly Sins are a much better starting point. The books go on to expand the Seven Deadly Sins to 12, and then use those Twelve Deadly Sins to construct a prototype constitution for a new social structure.
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The discussion of the Seven Deadly Sins has been subdivided into the following parts:

o   A discussion of the Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins Discussion

o   Implications of the Seven Deadly Sins in society SDS and society

o   Five additional sins for the list Additional Sins